Searching For The Newest Holiday Eyeshadow Palette-Let The Fun Begin!


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE this time of year with all the Holiday eye shadow palettes and make-up sets coming out! The packaging is always so cute and totally sucks me in every time!

The only downside is that most of these palettes and make-up sets are limited edition, so you have to act quick if you’re interested.

So let’s take a look at some the super fun eye shadow palettes for this Holiday Season!

BH Cosmetics Royal Affair Palette

First up is the BH Cosmetics Royal Affair Palette.

Now while this packaging isn’t technically Holiday themed, I absolutely adore it! It looks like jewels, and the colors are beautiful.

Enough about the packaging…let’s get to these gorgeous eye shadows! This palette contains 20 beautiful eye shadows in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. While this palette seems to be jewel-themed, you could easily create more neutral looks with it!

I just love the look of this palette, and I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone or even for yourself!

Ulta Endless Eyes Eye Shadow Palette

Next up on my list is the Ulta Endless Eyes Eye Shadow Palette.

Ulta has DEFINITELY been stepping up their eye shadow palette game in the last few years! And this palette is no exception!

The packaging on this palette is pretty basic with the solid purple and gold border & lettering, but I think it really works! It looks very elegant, and of course purple is my favorite color!

The Endless Eyes palette comes with 40 shades in matte and shimmer finishes. I love the color diversity here! There are neutral colors, bold colors, light colors and darker colors, so you can create so many amazing looks with this palette!

Morphe 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette

The next palette I’m going to talk about is the Morphe 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette.

The packaging on this Morphe palette is your standard Morphe clear plastic packaging…nothing fancy, but I have found that the packaging doesn’t have to be fancy if the shadows are high quality!

There are 35 shadows in both matte and shimmer finishes. The first two palettes I posted are more on the neutral side, but this palette is way more colorful! Though more colorful, neutral looks can still be achieved with this palette.

This palette would be perfect for someone who is looking to experiment with brighter & bolder colors but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

Profusion Pro Pigment Palette

The last palette I want to talk about is the Profusion Pro Pigment Palette.

Just like the Morphe palettes, the Profusion palettes have the clear sturdy plastic packaging.

Profusion eye shadow palettes are the cheapest of the palettes I discussed today, but the quality is AMAZING!

The Profusion palette contains 21 shades in a variety of finishes. While this palette has a pink/purple vibe, there is still a lot of diversity! There are some bright/bold colors but also numerous neutral shades. You can create an endless number of eye looks with this palette!

Happy Holidays!

Now that Halloween is over (boooo), the Holiday Season is officially upon us! 

Hopefully I’ve provided enough information on these gorgeous palettes.

While I’m a sucker for cute packaging, I love me a high quality palette even if the packaging is plain (i.e. the Morphe and Profusion palettes above)

There are sooo many Holiday palettes to choose from, and I haven’t even scratched the surface here.

Have fun experimenting and as always if there is anything you’d like me to post about, please don’t hesitate to let me know! 🙂


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  1. Hi Amy,
    I’ve not ever been excited about eye shadow, your enthusiasm about the subject, however, has sparked a little in me. 🙂
    This post is great and informative. When I purchase my next palette, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.

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