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Profusion Eyeshadow Palettes

Are you looking to add a few amazing eye shadow palettes to your collection, which won’t cost you an arm or a leg? The Profusion line of cosmetics has a superb variety of mind-blowing eye shadow palettes, which cater to all your needs of creating the perfect eye makeup look for any occasion. 

These eye shadow palettes are highly pigmented, come in a diverse range of colors and are extremely reasonable. Each palette comes in trendy packaging, giving a glamorous look to your palette collection. Here are some of their top favorite eye shadow palettes:

1. Temptress Palette – The Temptress Palette is a blend of all the stunning shades needed to produce your perfect smoky eye shadow look. “Onyx,” “Glory” and “Supernatural” are shimmery shades suited for every eye shape and color. The shades “Conquest,” “Hardrock” and “Geode” are such marvelous shades to play with while creating sparkling smoky looks. Cost-from $10.00

2. Wanderlust Palette – This palette consists of a colorful range of shades. From deepening shades of blue to the exalted shades of green, from powerful yellows to exuberant pinks, this palette has it all. If you are looking to play with colors to empower your eye look, this is a true steal for its affordable price. Cost-from $10

3. Confidence Palette- The Confidence Palette is one of my absolute favorites!! 🙂  It consists of alluring warm taupes (taupes are my all-time favorite shades!), deep reds and bright oranges. “Backlash” and “Legendary” are two of the most phenomenal shades on this palette, which bring radiance to every eye look they are incorporated into. A summer favorite, definitely. Cost-from $10.00

4. Infatuation Palette – From peachy pinks and dusty mauves to bronzes and deep berries, this palette is a fall and winter essential. The rustic tones in this palette are suitable for all eye colors. Extremely blend-able and smooth, these eye shadows are heavenly. Cost- from $10

5. Siennas – My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! This is a 21-eye shadow palette designed only for those who cannot stay away from warm tones. Wear them individually or layer them up, these will end up giving you a killer look, providing your eyes with the warmth they need to complete your look. Cost- from $10.00

6. Chocolates From shimmers to mattes, this palette is fabulous to achieve the dazzling sultry makeup look. With its deepening hues of browns and greens, you cannot stay away from this one. Cost- from $10

7. Pro Pigment- Wondering how to achieve the perfect look with varying shades of purple and pink? This palette has both mattes and shimmers needed for creating glamorous eye makeup looks. Cost – from $10

8. Classics, Mattes, Bare Eyes, Eyes Palettes- These palettes are all time classics. Everything you need to keep for traveling or to carry around for your basic to pro eye shadow looks. These are pocket-size friendly and even more economical, ranging from $5 to $7

9. Royals and Shimmers PalettesColorful, vibrant and sexy shades are the main attraction in these palettes. They consist of the most luxurious and royal pigments out there. Any eye look created with these will be nothing less than regal and elegant. Cost- from $5 each

10. Mixed Metals Collection These come in hues of Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Pink. Each palette has a dynamic selection of shades, which are richly pigmented. Each kit comes with a brush and glitter eye shades. The palette itself has multiple ravishing shades which can be used to enhance all your party makeup looks. For the price, each of these metallic kits are a lovely catch. Cost – from $10 each

11. Eyes Studio Icon Collection – This palette is filled with nine universally flattering pigments, from plush neutrals to deep shimmery shades. This is a pocket friendly palette with all your basic, luxurious, yet classic shades. Cost – from $5

12. Naturals and Sultry Artistic Palettes – These two, if added to your collection, will leave you in awe. Each palette contains such glamorous shades of 21 colors, that together, these two palettes are enough to provide you with a full range of captivating eye shadow colors. For their price and pigmentation, these are surely not to be missed. Cost- from $10 each

13. Beauty Superstars Pro Makeup Palette– Have you been in love with a celebrity look recently that you have been craving to re-create on yourself? This palette has all the shades that celebrities nowadays use for their flawless and mind-blowing makeup looks. Not only does this palette have eye-shadows, but it also contains blush and contour powders too, along with a blending brush, a black smoky eyeliner pencil and a glide on lip topper. This kit is the only thing you will ever need to shine remarkably. Cost – from $10

14. Beauty Chest Palette- This is again, another of my all-time favorites. The eye shadow range in this palette is vastly and undeniably fabulous. They come in all forms- from satin to shimmers to mattes. With their splendid blending properties, smooth textures and pigmented colors, any look created using this kit is always flawless and extraordinary. This kit also includes two brushes, along with a blush, highlighter and contour powder. It is ideal for all skin tones. It also comes with a glossy lip strobe, to complete the whole look. Cost – from $15.

Profusion eye shadow palettes are a trending hit these days!

For the high quality and splendid variety they offer in such low prices, these palettes are a daring grab. There are specific palettes with unique and remarkable qualities in each of them, such that every person can choose what they like, according to their preferences.

Not only do these palettes contain the most fantastic range of eye shadows, some of them come in kits with included blushes, contour and highlighters, and even lip strobes.

Every palette is designed to fulfill your creativity and makeup fantasies, where innumerable eye looks can be achieved. As their price range is quite reasonable too, from $5 to $15, you cannot only invest in one palette but also get distracted into buying more than one.

Those who love to play with makeup looks daily or even on a professional level, investing in these palettes would be extremely ideal for them, as these palettes not only provide top tier quality eye-shades, but also are super affordable and richly pigmented. Grab yours ASAP!!!

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