One Brand At A Time-Colourpop Eyeshadow Palette

Do you love pretty and unique makeup products like I do? With so many brands in the makeup world, a pop has been made by the famous ColourPop.

This brand has come out with some great products which have made people go gaga over it. Among many other makeup products, the eye shadow palettes introduced by this brand are worth having.

I can’t get over how cute the palette names are!! I’m going to talk about five of the top selling eye shadow palettes by ColourPop.

As always I will discuss the packaging, the formula and quality of the eye shadows and will give you my overall thoughts and opinions. So…let’s get to it! 🙂

Give It To Me Straight

This palette is literally eye shadow goals! It has everything for your eye looks ranging from the shimmers to matte and metallic heavenly shades. Consisting of 12 beautiful shades, this palette is perfect for every type of skin tone!

The best thing about the shades are their heavy pigmentation and if you’re looking for a subtle look, this palette surely is the best option available.

The swatches are gorgeous and when applied to the eyelids, they give the prettiest look! The formula is dual as some shades can also be used as highlighters thus giving the very shiny and shimmery look.

The palette contains enough variety of colors to be your ONLY palette! But if you’re anything like me, this will be just another palette in your HUGE collection! LOL

Give It To Me Straight can be used to glam it up for parties and formal occasions but also for simple everyday look as well. That’s a bonus for sure!

Let’s talk about these GORGEOUS eye shadows!


  • Matter of Fact: pale pink
  • Up Front: metallic pale gold with a silvery sheen
  • Straight Up: metallic warm gold
  • BS: matte orangey brown
  • Frank: matte warm brown
  • Candid: metallic bright copper
  • Forthright: neutral metallic rose
  • Downright: matte soft pinky beige
  • Truth Hurts: matte peachy beige
  • Be Blunt: metallic rich raspberry
  • TMI: matte dusty burgundy
  • Actually..: matte deepened chocolate brown

The design of the palette is very simple yet practical and modern as it is made from sturdy cardboard, is magnetic and the shades can be popped out to save some space or swapped out for other eye shadow shades.


The shadows have their names written inside the palette which is amazing!

Yes, Please!

This palette has all the warm and cozy shades that are PERFECT for Winter!

The formula of ColourPop is always on point and all of their palettes are pretty much complete…meaning you don’t need to pull in any other eye shadows or eyeshadow palettes to complete your look!

The packaging is simple, subtle and cute as the title on the cover of it says as well. Cute AF! This palette (like all of ColourPop’s palettes) are made of a sturdy cardboard.


The palette contains 12 BEAUTIFUL shades of mixed finishes.

  • Full-Zip: matte warm ivory
  • Big Cocktails: matte orange
  • Champs: matte pale peachy nude
  • Bling: metallic rust
  • Louie: metallic duo chrome red with a gold flip
  • Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold (My FAVE!!!!)
  • Spoiled: matte brick-red
  • Gno: matte burnt orange
  • Mischief: matte warm yellow
  • Note to Self: matte warm caramel
  • Chauffeur: metallic duo chrome bright orange with a gold flip
  • French Kiss: matte medium chocolate brown


Everything from pigmentation to the application is smooth and the colors are soft and dreamy.


I Think I Love You

Ok…I know I touched on the palette names in the first paragraph, but c’mon…how stinking cute is this?!!! Yes, the name of this palette is so on point because after seeing this palette, everyone is going to fall in love!

Consisting of 12 shades, this palette (my favorite of the five!) is the ultimate Fall must have collection! The shades are shimmery and matte and are bronze goodness!

Now most of the shadows in this palette are shimmery shades, but there is a nice matte crease shade, a black matte shade and a matte white shade for the brow bone.

Perfect for the smokey eyes and the blending is the dream! The shade names are unique and perfect!

  • Bitter Better: metallic soft gold
  • Bel Air: matte cool taupe
  • Fancy Face: metallic bright red copper
  • Girls Bite: metallic golden bronze
  • Howdy: metallic red bronze
  • Rowdy: matte warm ivory
  • My Treat: metallic champagne ivory
  • Level Up: metallic bright penny copper
  • Screw It: metallic soft rose gold
  • Let’s Do It: matte true black
  • Rule Breaker: metallic bright yellow gold
  • My Type: matte deep saddle brown



The packaging is made from a sturdy cardboard and is a pretty metallic rose gold.

It’s A Princess Thing

Every girl’s dream is to look just like their favorite Disney princess since the day they started watching Princess movies!

ColourPop has made this dream possible with their limited edition pressed powder eye shadow palette. The palette consists of 15 unique princess-inspired colors which are perfect for a soft or even a glam look.

Pigmentation of the shades are amazing and the formula is subtle, smooth and shiny. The colors are different from the other palettes by ColourPop and you can create a metallic or simple matte look with it.

The packaging is celestial and the names of the shades are written on the inside of the palette. And there are pictures of Princesses on the front of the palette…seriously!!! 🙂



Whether you want to look like Belle from the Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, ColourPop has you covered!

The shades’ names are all full of Disney vibes!

    • Chip: matte soft beige nude
    • Juju: matte warm rosy pink
    • Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
    • Triton: sand with a golden sheen
    • Abu: matte intense warm brown
    • Prince Charming: ivory pearl with a green duo chrome
    • Ray: metallic champagne
    • Fairy Godmother: metallic bright coral
    • One Kiss?: metallic bright coppery gold
    • Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver
    • Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose
    • Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet
    • Magic Carpet: blackened plum
    • Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
    • Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitter



You Had Me At Hello

This palette is similar to Yes, Please!, but the major pros of this one is that it comes with its own mirror that is perfect for traveling!

The pink-rose theme packaging is a pure delight to the eyes and all the shades give metallic rose and pink hues. The shades are perfect for a bridal make up and the formula is absolutely gorgeous and pigmented.


ColourPop has made quite a name with its affordable yet quality products! This palette contains 12 beautiful pink themed shades!

    • The Knot: metallic cool-toned ivory
    • Moon Struck: metallic soft gold
    • Two Peas: matte peachy beige
    • Candygram: metallic pinky red with gold duo chrome
    • Winning Ticket: matte dusty mauve pink
    • FBO: metallic pink violet
    • Look-See: matte cool-toned plum
    • Fool’s Rush: metallic golden bronze
    • Pulling Strings: matte warm saddle brown
    • Want U Back: matte dusty mauve brown
    • DTR: metallic silvery taupe
    • Sparks Fly: matte deep plummy brown



My Overall Thoughts

The pressed powder eye shadow palettes by ColourPop bring highly pigmented shades with good formula that is applicable to every type of skin tone.

The blending is smooth and the finished look is metallic and matte which gives a very prominent yet subtle look to the face.

The shades range from neutrals to medium and finally dark browns and purples, so the palettes can be used in every season! The quality of the palettes is great and the packaging is unique and beautiful.

Which ColourPop palettes are your favorite?

As always, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, have an idea for a blog post or have a product or brand you would like me to review.

Love Always,

Amy ♥






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