Hot Topic-Clueless Totally Buggin’ Eyeshadow Palette

I was born in the 70s, so I’m considered an “80s baby”, but man the 90s were so much fun! I just loved everything about the 90s…the music, the fashion and especially the pop culture!

Hot Topic has launched an iconic beauty item…the Clueless Totally Buggin’ Eyeshadow Palette! I mean…Clueless pretty much defined the 90s, so I am ECSTATIC about this launch! So let’s jump right in and take a look at this beauty! 🙂

As always I will talk about the pricing, the packaging, the product itself and will give you my overall thoughts and opinions.


Ok so not only is this one of the cutest eye shadow palettes I’ve every seen, but the price point is RIDICULOUS you guys!

This Clueless Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 eye shadows and the most ADORABLE eye shadow brush I’ve ever seen in my life for only $16.90 you guys! Yes, I said $16.90! (Note: When I began writing this post, the price of this palette was only $14.00 at Hot Topic, but they increased the price. I’m not sure if they plan on increasing the price any more so I would pick one up now if you’re interested!)


Hot Topic

I literally can’t even with the packaging of this palette! I’ve never seen an eye shadow palette designed like this before.

The packaging is designed to look just like a girl’s spiral-bound journal. The front of this eye shadow palette has white, blue and yellow plaid with a pink and silver sparkly Clueless logo on it. The inside of the eye shadow palette is ever better!

The palette opens up to a heart-shaped mirror on the left side with “YOU’RE A TOTAL BETTY” written on it. The right side of the palette contains the 12 eye shadows that look like they’re sitting on a lined journal page with “Some people are not lucky enough to be as naturally adorable as you are” written at the bottom of the “page” below the eye shadows.

Let’s talk about the most adorably perfect eye shadow brush ever made! I’m not kidding.

The brush handle is silver and designed with blue, white and yellow plaid that matches the design of the outside of the palette perfectly. There is a pink eye shadow brush on one end and a pink marabou feather puff on the other end, designed to replicate Cher’s pen! 🙂

The dimensions of the palettes are: 0.55 oz net weight; 5″ x 7 1/2″; brush 7″ long.

The Eye Shadows

Now I’m going to focus on the eye shadows in the palette.

Hot Topic

There are 12 shadows included in this palette:

  • Six of the eye shadows are matte (“Whatever”-a pale pink, “Totally Buggin”-a rosy mauve, “Fabulous”-a mid-tone purple, “Oops”-a very pale yellow, “Homies”- a darker gray and “Dee”-a pale lavender purple.
  • Six of the eye shadows are shimmer (“Makeover”-a gorgeous Aqua blue, “Total Betty”-a silvery taupe, “Fashion Victim”-a pretty peach, “Picky”-a mid tone brown, “Ugh…As If”-a yellow champagne and “Woman”-a pink red.

Where To Buy/My Overall Thoughts & Opinions

As far as I know, this palette is exclusive to Hot Topic. I haven’t seen it available on Amazon or Ebay yet.

While Hot Topic hasn’t come right out and said this eye shadow palette isn’t limited edition, I’m guessing that it won’t be available much longer. At $16.90, it is PERFECT for Christmas gifts and/or stocking stuffers for the makeup lovers/collectors in your life! (Or even a gift for yourself!)

As always, please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, if you have a product you’d like me to review or if you have an idea for a future post. 🙂

Love Always,

Amy ♥




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