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Glamlite Cosmetics

Those who know me know that two of my biggest loves in life are pizza and makeup (specifically eye shadow palettes) , and up until now those two things had nothing in common.

Along comes a makeup brand I have never heard of (and I know them all VERY well!) called Glamlite Cosmetics and produces a product that brings my two of my greatest loves of life together into one amazing product…the Glamlite Cosmetics Pizza Palette! Yes, I said a PIZZA EYESHADOW PALETTE!

Before I go any further I have to let everyone know the eye shadow palette is NOT edible. 🙁 LOL! However, it does look good enough to eat!

Per usual, I will discuss the pricing, the packaging, the eye shadows and will give you my overall thoughts and opinions. So without further ado…

How Much Is It?

Let me start off by saying I TYPICALLY only talk about makeup that is affordable at around $30 or less. With that being said, I absolutely HAD to write a blog about this product! I mean c’mon…A FREAKING PIZZA EYE SHADOW PALETTE?!!!

As far as I know, this palette is only available on This palette contains 18 mouth-watering eye shadows and costs $40.00. I know $40.00 seems kind of pricey for an eye shadow palette, but it works out to be $2.22 per eye shadow, which is actually quite affordable!

The Packaging You Could Just Eat Up!

You guys…this section is going to be so long, and I’m not sorry! haha It’s just too CUTE!!

I know I said this about the Hot Topic Clueless Totally Buggin’ Eye Shadow Palette, but this pizza palette is definitely the cutest and most cleverly marketed eye shadow packaging I have ever seen! (FOR REAL THIS TIME! HAHA)

Where do I even start?! First of all, the box the palette comes in is designed like an actual cardboard pizza box you guys…I can’t!

Glamlite Cosmetics


The outside packaging is white cardboard with red squares, a picture of a delicious-looking pizza in the center, the word Glamlite above the pizza and the words “Pizza Palette” below the pizza.

Can we talk about the packaging of the actual palette now?! OMG! The palette is round (just like a pizza…duh!) with cardboard packaging that is designed to look like a yummy pizza on the top and has “Glamlite Pizza Palette 18 Delicious Toppings” written on it. To me it looks like the “pizza” is sitting on a round wooden pizza slab just like you would see in a legitimate old time pizza shop!

This adorable eye shadow palette opens up to reveal the STUNNING 18 eye shadows! The bottom of the palette is divided into six “slices” (plain cheese in case you were wondering), and each “slice” contains three of the eye shadows. The top of the palette has a round mirror placed in the center of a pizza.

Now on to why you’re all here…THE AMAZING EYE SHADOWS!

How About Those Eye Shadows?

The Glamlite Pizza Palette contains 18 beautiful eye shadows that are all named after pizza toppings!

  1. Red Onions-A gorgeous violet-purple shade (shimmer)
  2. Bacon-A brown rust shade (matte)
  3. Pineapple-A gold yellow shade (shimmer)
  4. Garlic-A white cream shade (matte)
  5. Prosciutto-A darker pink shade (matte)
  6. Basil-An olive green shade (matte)
  7. Jalapenos-My favorite! An olive green shade similar to Basil (shimmer)
  8. Meatballs-A brown maroon shade (matte)
  9. Hot Sauce-A true orange shade (matte)
  10. Sausage-A cool brown shade (matte)
  11. Marinara-A true maroon shade (matte)
  12. Black Olives-A deep black shade (matte)
  13. Kalamata Olives-A deep purple shade (matte)
  14. Pepperoni-A dark red shade (matte)
  15. Ham-A pastel pink shade (matte)
  16. Mushrooms-A gray purple shade (matte)
  17. Extra Cheese-A dark yellow shade (matte)
  18. Green Peppers-A beautiful teal shade (matte)

As you can see most of the eye shadows in this palette are matte shadows, but there are a couple of STUNNING shimmer shades that complement the matte shadows perfectly!

All the eye shadows are vegan, cruelty-free and allergy tested!

This palette seems to have it all..perfect crease shades, pretty lid shades, darker shades to deepen up the outer corner, and super light shades to highlight the brow bone and inner corners! What more does a girl need?

Glamlite Cosmetics

Glamlite Cosmetics

Glamlite Cosmetics

Where In The Heck Can I Get My Palette?

The palette can be pre-ordered now on Glamlite Cosmetics’ website and will ship on 12/28/2018. You better hurry though because when the palette was first released for pre-order, it sold out in 48 hours. I’m assuming this will be a limited edition palette, and I’m not sure how long it will be available, so get yours now! 🙂

Once the palette has been released, it may be available on Amazon or EBay.

So How’s The Pizza?

I haven’t tried the palette yet as it’s not available, but there are three product reviews of the palette on Glamsite’s website, and they are all five stars! Also, makeup blogger Jeffrey Star did a video review of the palette and loves it!


As always, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, have a product or a brand you’d like me to review or if you have an idea for a future post! 🙂

Love Always,

Amy ♥

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  1. Thanks for the post this will make a great Christmas gift for my wife.

  2. Oh my fricking god pizza pallete!! This is an awesome product. One of my favourite foods is pizza and this looks magnificent. What got my eye is the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free!! How awesome is that!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Stefania!

      Thanks for reading! I’m happy you enjoyed the post! Pizza is my favorite food ever, so I just had to post about this palette! 🙂


  3. Hi Amy I love the colors of your countless eye shadows. Thanks for the information I didn’t even know all theses colors existed.

  4. mmmh yummy, reading this made me so hungry, looks like a nice eyeshadow palette, but I really enjoyed how you described everything, was a very nice read for me.

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