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E.L.F. Cosmetics

If you know anything about makeup, you know about E.L.F. Cosmetics and how affordable their products are and how great the quality is! E.L.F. is constantly releasing new makeup, and it can be tough to keep up with it all!

E.L.F. has released the Modern Metals Collection. This particular collection has me REALLY excited because it focuses on metallic products, and I love me some metallics and glitters! LOL

The Modern Metals Collection includes a GORGEOUS 10 shadow eye shadow palette, a blush and highlighter palette, a liquid matte lipstick and a lip gloss. The collection costs $32.00, but the products are available individually (I will discuss the price of the individual items below). The products in this collection are New Orleans-inspired, which I think is really awesome! I’ve never been to NO, but it’s on my bucket list! 🙂

As usual, I will discuss the pricing, the packaging, the products themselves and will give you my overall thoughts & opinions of the Collection. So…let’s jump into this SUPER FUN Collection!

Modern Metals 10-Piece Eyeshadow Palette

As I mentioned earlier, this palette is New Orleans-inspired. When I think of New Orleans, I think of glitter, gold, bright colors and FUN, and that’s exactly what this palette embodies!

The packaging is pretty standard. It’s sturdy gold shimmery plastic that clicks closed. This palette does not have a mirror on the inside.

Now on to the BEAUTIFUL 10 eye shadows! E.L.F. Cosmetics doesn’t name their eye shadows, which I think is kind of a bummer, but the high quality and seriously affordable prices totally make up for that!

This palette contains 10 eye shadows of different textures/finishes. The first five eye shadows are shimmery shades, and the last five eye shadows are matte shades. The colors are mostly neutral, but there are a couple of bright/bold colors included that jazz the palette up! 🙂

The palette costs $12.00!

Modern Metals Blush and Highlighter Palette

The next product I’m going to talk about is the blush and highlighter palette. This palette contains three blushes and three highlighters.

Similar to the eye shadow palette, the blush and highlighter palette is made of hard sturdy plastic with gold trim. There is not a mirror in this palette either.

The highlighters are all shimmery, but don’t have any glitter chunks in them. There is a deep champagne color (this is the only color that is wearable for me), a bronze color (that I will wear as an eye shadow) and a peach-orange color that I probably won’t get any use of.

Two of the blushes have a matte finish, and one of the blushes has a shimmery finish, but again there is no chunky glitter fall-out. There is a light peach color, a medium pink color (my favorite) and a reddish-orange color. The first two are definitely wearable for lighter skin tones, but the third blush is pretty dark and would have to be used with a very light hand.

The blush and highlighter palette costs $12.00.

Modern Metals Liquid Matte Lipstick

Next up is the liquid matte lipstick in the collection.

I have to start by saying I have NEVER been a fan of liquid or matte lipsticks. Every one I have tried has left my lips ridiculously dry and accentuates every single line I have in my lips. The color always wears away in a weird way that leaves this hideous line in the middle of my lips.

This lipstick is different. The formula is thin and weightless and doesn’t dry out my lips. It’s actually pretty comfortable too. I do want to say that I love E.L.F.’s matte lipsticks as well.

The packaging on the lipstick is pretty standard as far as E.L.F. goes. The tube is clear, the lid is gold and the wand is doe-foot with a pointed end.

What I love the most about this lipstick is the color! It is unique to me. I would describe it as a reddish rust color and absolutely a PERFECT shade for Winter!

This lipstick costs $6.00 (such a great price for the quality!)

Modern Metals Liquid Gold Lip Gloss

This is my favorite item in the collection! I’ve always been more of a lip gloss girl than a lipstick girl, so I was destined to love this! LOL

Let me tell you, this gloss did disappoint! My ideal gloss would not be sticky… I HATE when my hair gets stuck on my lips when I’m wearing sticky gloss! This gloss is not sticky AT ALL! It made my lips looks super shiny and plump! The lipstick and the gloss can be word separately, but they also look GORGEOUS worn together! (Your choice!)

E.L.F. Cosmetics

The packaging for the gloss mimics that of the liquid lipstick, and the cost is also $6.00.

So What Do I Really Think?

Overall I think this is wonderfully fun collection and just perfect for the Holidays!

My standout products from the collection have to be the eye shadow palette, the lipstick and the lip gloss. I like the blush and highlighter palette ok, but I have other similar palettes and nothing really stood out to me from this palette.

I think the cost of the collection given everything you get and the HIGH QUALITY make it a no-brainer…especially if you’re an E.L.F. Cosmetics lover like me! 🙂

As always, feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions, if you have an idea for a future post or if you have a product or a brand you would like to me to review! 🙂

Love Always,

Amy ♥





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  1. It’s interesting seeing such collection of beauty products on one page. Was actually telling my mother-in-law today that make-ups is for people who think they’re not beautiful but most women like them. A woman thing I suppose. Good recommendations you’ve got there.

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